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Geocaching -  a fascinating hobby

Geocaching is a permanent treasure hunting game based on the internet, whereby anyone can hide or find treasure boxes large or small, and locate them with a GPS (Global Positioning system) device. The game is hosted at It is free and can be enjoyed by young or old, and you can enjoy it with family and friends, or alone. It's truly addictive, and usually the treasures (called geocaches) are hidden in interesting locations which are well worth visiting.

It all started in May 2000. On May 1, President Clinton  decided to unscramble the satellite signals for GPS and make them available for civilian use. This meant that the precision of GPS devices improved overnight and it was possible to locate an object anywhere on earth with incredible precision.

On May 3,  a man in Beavercreek, Oregon, took an old black bucket, filled it with goodies like books and software, and hid it at a specific location. He then advertised this first geocache on a user group bulletin board on the Internet. His entry is still visible through this link. His treasure was found, more treasures were hidden, and the game has become a world-wide success, with more than 300,000 caches hidden in 222 countries or territories.

I started geocaching in August 2005, and have enjoyed it thoroughly. There are so many good things about this hobby. First, you are always outdoors, since GPS reception is not possible indoors. Particularly for those who have office or sedentary jobs, it's a good excuse to be out in nature. Then you discover lots of new places that you had never heard about, even in your own neighborhood. And finally, you meet lots of nice people. What more can you ask for

So have a look at the geocaching Website and register (it's free) and start enjoying one of the most wonderful hobbies I know

Here is an example of a geocache and what kind of goodies you can find in them. Nothing exciting, but some are really difficult to find, and it's hard to describe how proud you can be when you found one !

An example of a geocache

If you want to know more about Geocaching, here are a few links that tell you all

  • The geocaching university with a great introduction and a perfect '101'
  • Wikipedia also has a very useful article on geocaching here
  • You'll need to buy a GPS, and you will find all about GPS in this link

So, Happy Hunting !


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