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So, What about Geocoins ?

Geocaching has quickly become a popular hobby all over the world. The geographic spread is now phenomenal, with caches hidden in 222 countries, as reported by the official website. By the way, the United Nations have 193 member nations, plus Vatican City which has a special status, so those 222 countries mentioned include administrative territories that are part of another country like the French overseas territories or Groenland. The most official number is therefore 193.

Since geocachers go hunting for caches all over the world, the idea came up to put a little object in a treasure with a tracking number on it, and ask the geocacher who found it to move it to another cache, preferably far away. With the tracking numbers registered on the Geocaching Website it became possible to follow the movements of an object from cache to cache all over the world. The concept of Travelbug was born. Today, there are thousands of travelbugs and it is fascinating to see how far some can travel. Initially the travelbug was (and still is) a metal tag with a tracking number on it. You just attach it to your object (a toy, a picture or any other object you like) and you put it in a cache. Then watch it travel all around the world. Have a look at and see all the travel bugs in the caches. There is a special symbol indicating that there is a travelbug in a cache.

Here is an example of a travelbug

So, what abound Geocoins ?

Well, Geocoins are travelbugs, but with an artistic touch added in. While normal travelbugs are just a metal plate with a number, A geocoin is a special coin, minted for a special occasion, or for a cache, or a person, or ay other reason. It also travels from cache to cache, but some of them are so beautiful that they become collector's items. Today some of them end up in caches (you should move the geocoin from cache to cache if you find one). Many of them are never in a cache at all, but they get bought and sold just like any other collector's item. That's why I decided to created a series of 193 coins (or more) to celebrate each country that I have visited

Here are a few pictures of my favorite coins :

Compass RoseTracking time

The Compass Rose Geocoin and the Tracking Time Geocoin

There are hundreds of them, and here are some sites where you can track them, such as: