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The history of all the coins !


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Coins History

This section gives an overview of the coins as they appeared, in chronological order. I have not added any for a while, but this should restart soon

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June 1, 2008 - The Malaysia coin is available

The Malaysia coin represents the Wau, the traditional kite which the Malaysians assemble and fly regularly. There are many shapes and colors but there are some popular patterns which are common, like the one used on the geocoin : it is called teh Wau Bulan or Moon kite, because the tail is shaped like a half moon.. here is what it looks like :


Malaysian coin

If you want to buy it, hurry up and click on 'buy coins' in the main menu. Also on my blog you will find lots of references to the Wau and some nice pictures of the ones they fly. Just click here

May 5, 2008 - All Nickel coins are available again

By popular demand, I have re-stocked all 5 nickel versions. Those who want to start the collection can do so now.

September 15, 2007 - The Singapore coin is available (nickel version only)

After a long wait, the coin is finally available. It's Singapore, and the coin is showing the symbol of the city, the Merlion. Don't start looking for historical creatures from ancient times, the Merlion was invented recently by the Singapore Tourism Board (and they deserve to be congratulated for it). It's a fish body with a lion head, and it's easy to find, but only on the internet.

This mythical creature was supposed to defend the shores of Singapore from the furious waves of the South China Sea. Today, it is attracting tourists. What a career change !

If you want to buy a coin, email at this  address The gold and silver versions are sold out, but Nickels are still available.

Here is the design of the coin :

The Merlion

March 23 - Australia coin is sold out

No more Australia coins available. The next coin will represent an Asian country...

February 27 - Latest coin available : Australia

The rainbow Serpent, an Aboriginal inspired design of a mythical animal, the theme of my Australian coin

This is the fourth coin in my series 'Geocoins around the Planet' and this is a coin you will not want to miss !

The design idea for the Ellandel Australia 2007 Geocoin came from a local Geocoin enthusiast. Many thanks to Carolyn Rutter who provided lots of creative ideas, website addresses and advice for this great coin. We really like this one and we hope you will too !

The Geocoin is based on a design inspired by aboriginal art. Many thousands of years ago, aborigines were living in Australia, and some claim that they were the first humans on earth. For an interesting article on the aborigines, their history and their customs, have a look here. Whatever their origin, the aborigines have left a rich heritage in their folklore, their rock or tree carvings, and their paintings. Their artistic designs are unique and it was obvious that this should be the topic of the Australia Geocoin in this series.

Specifically, the Rainbow Serpent (or Rainbow Snake) is the best example of the aboriginal combination of religious beliefs and artistic expression. The Rainbow serpent is a creature of the aboriginal mythology. It is believed to live under the ground, and be in control of the aborigines' most precious resource : Water. During the world's creation, it came from under the ground and created mountains and valleys and streams. There are many Websites depicting this mythological creature, such as this site or this site. This became the theme for our coin.

The design of the coin captures the naive beauty of the aboriginal paintings on the limited space offered by a geocoin. It combines all the typical patterns of aboriginal paintings with transparent colors and glow-in-the dark paint. The result is fascinating!

Because of the cost associated with the additional colors and paints, the coin will be slightly higher in price, but that is not a trend. The next coins will remain at their usual price level...

Ordering  is through a simple mail to me : Order here



January 9, 2007 : a New Year starts with a new series : Geocaching around the Planet 2007.

First country : Ireland.

The first country in the 2007 series is Ireland


Ireland is a fabulous country : it offers an astonishing array of landscapes and leisure activities. Nature is probably its greatest appeal, although some would argue that Ireland has a lot more to offer, starting with their famous dark beer of course. But the first symbol that comes to mind when thinking about Ireland is the Shamrock. There are lots of legends about the shamrock, and I recommend reading the site on the following link  which will tell you all about it. 

Therefore, the shamrock had to feature prominently on this geocoin. Another symbol of Ireland is the sheep : there are more sheep than Irish citizens (over 4 million) and you cannot visit the Irish countryside without seeing some. So we naturally put the Irish sheep on the geocoin. And the third symbol is, of course, Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, celebrated on March 14. There are many stories about St Patrick and St Patrick's day, and a good introduction can be found on this interesting mini-historical site.

But where is the Saint ? Well, read the text on the coin. It is one of the popular Irish 'sayings' for St Patrick's day. Find out what it means here on this Irish sayings link  and you'll probably smile when you look at the coin again.... This coin should be available mid-February ! It can be ordered from my webshop



December 2, 2006 : The second coin in the series is ready for pre-sale : SPAIN 2006

The second coin in the series is dedicated to Spain. This is a country I like very much, not just because it has magnificent beaches and unspoilt nature. It also has some fabulous examples of architectural creativity, and Gaudi is probably the most striking example of Spanish modern architecture. Gaudi's basilica 'The Sagrada Familia', still unfinished, is a grandiose tribute to his exceptional talent. This is why the basilica was used as an inspiration for the Geocoin. The tiles, frequently used by Gaudi, are the most striking aspect of his art, and are therefore depicted on the coin.

For those who want to learn more about the Sagrada Familia and Gaudi, have a look at this page on Wikipedia

And if you like the coin, order here. I think it will have a lot of success



November 12, 2006

The first coin in the series is ready for pre-sale. It will honor the People's Republic of China, since this was my first international travel for this project. It was designed by Ron at My-Geocoin, and features the Chinese garden, a symbol of the Chinese love for nature.

This will be a limited edition so rush to the site my webshop if you want to order a coin