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April 3, 2010 - The first country in the Middle East, Jordan, country Nr 44

I did not expect this desert country to show so many interesting places. From the desert of Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea, and from Magnificent Petra to the underwater world of the Dead Sea, this was a wonderful trip. And a FTF geocache as a bonus

So this was country 44, and I have uploaded some photos on my blog

So, another 148 countries to go !

September 23, 2009 - Geocaching in Paradise : Mauritius, country Nr 43

What a wonderful place this is. I had a brief holiday in Mauritius and the genuine friendliness of the people, the beauty of the island and the rich sealife were enough to make me feel that this is close to paradise

So this was country 43, and if you want to see some of my pictures there, check on my blog

So, another 149 countries to go !

February 22 - Two more countries, in South America

I was on a business trip through Argentina and Mexico in February and took the opportunity to discover some geocaches in both countries -

They became country 41 and 42

That means 150 countries to go !

January 11 - Happy New Year to all

I celebrated the New Year in Southern France, and discovered a new cache in country Nr 40 : Monaco

Only 152 countries to go !


December 15 - Four countries added

It has been a very busy year, and the website has not been updated very frequently, but here are the updates :


Hong Kong - Country 36

Taiwan - Coutry 37

Chile - Country 38 (and I did not like that country)

Peru - Country 39 (and I loved that country)

the details are on



May 25 - Another country : The Russian Federation

I was on a business trip to Moscow last week and I went geocaching there, unfortunately in the pouring rain. But the one-hour walk to the cache was worth it. See the details on

That was country Number 35

May 5 - I found my 500th cache - in Belgium

see all about it on

April 1 : An incredible story - How I found a geocache in India

My son got married with a gorgeous Tibetan girl in Dharamsala (North India), and since the wedding was celebrated in the Buddhist monastery there, I flew to India, but I also went on a side trip and visited Delhi, Agra and its Taj Mahal, and the wonderful city of Jaipur. Of course, I went geocaching too. Read all about it in my blog at at

That was country Number 34 !

February 26, 2008 :  Another country where I geocached : the Bahamas

While on a business trip to Florida, I flew for a day to the Bahamas and went on to discover of one of the islands. Read all about it in my blog at

That was country Number 33 !

February 9, 2008 :  A new Blog is born

Check to find all the daily adventures I enjoy while geocaching.

I want to keep this Website clean and uncluttered , and just give you the summary of the important events. But if you want all the details, the blog will be the place to go to.

Enjoy !

February 1, 2008 :  Another country, with wonderful geocaches : Portugal

I took a citytrip to Lisbon, and discovered a surprisingly diverse series of geocaches there. First of all, all the caches were still present, which is unusual because citycaches have a short life span and tend to disappear quickly. However, in Portugal the owners of caches take good care of their treasures and do regular maintenance. Congrats to them !

I also had the pleasure to (re)discover a wonderful city with lots of history and culture to enjoy. For those who have time to travel, I honestly believe this is one of the most rewarding countries to visit.

And the Portuguese are truly gentle and generous people, at least the geocachers : if you find one their caches, they send you an e-mail to thank you. Never seen an other country where they do that ... And that's country number 32. Obregado !

January 1, 2008 :  The Website has a new look !

It was time to give my website a facelift. I have been reading a lot about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the new Adobe Spry widgets for Ajax, so I had a go. The website was entirely built from scratch with dreamweaver and the Adobe Javascipt code for Spry.

I have to admit I got stuck a few times, but the Web has all the answers and it never got to the point where I was about to give up. For those who are interested, all the CSS and the spry code is still in the page, so if you view the source code you will learn a lot.

And those who don't know (and don't want to know) about Web programming, no problem, I think it looks cool anyway...

December 15 :  Last country for 2007 : Poland

It was freezing cold but the clear blue sky made me forget the temperature. I visited Warsaw briefly for a business trip, and woke up early to go geocaching nearby my hotel in the center of the city. Fascinating, and I have to come back for another visit... This was country N° 31

December 1 :  Another country : Czech Republic

On a business trip last week I went out early in the morning to find a cache with a Travelbug Hotel in it. The Pendulum in Prague was a place I would not have seen, except for this cache, of course. Country Nr 30

November 28 :  Back from South Africa

What a wonderful country ! Nature was at its best, since this is springtime. Incredible wildlife and flowers everywhere. And people were truly friendly - we never felt threatened and had a pretty safe and enjoyable trip. Of course I found caches in Swaziland and South Africa ! These were country 28 and 29.

October 27 :  On my way to South Africa and Swaziland

I 'm leaving today to go to South Africa and Swaziland. My first time in Africa and also the first caches I will find on that continent. Really looking forward to this trip !

October 15 : Another country : Canada, my 27th caching country

On a short business trip to the US I made a side trip to Canada and discovered some nice caches in Montreal. The Canadians have some clever hiding techniques and I took some time finding their great urban caches !

May 28 : Another three countries : The Baltic states

I have visited the three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and found geocaches in each of these three countries. What a fascinating trip. Historic city centers, dating from the Middle Ages, clashing with  modern concrete and glass buildings. Interesting !

March 23 : Three new countries added to my list

In the last two weeks, I went geocaching in Finland, Hungary and Norway. The country count is now 21 !

March 2 : The Australia 2007 coin is released

The coin was released on March 2 and the limited editions were sold out in one day.

Feb 24 : Back from a trip around the world

I went geocaching in 5 new countries : Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. It was a wonderful trip and I've got plenty of ideas for my coins ! The Australian coin will be released in a few days !

J an 27 : Going 'down under'

I'm leaving for a 3-week trip to Australia and New Zealand - and I'll be doing a lot of geocaching there. So you can guess which coins will come out soon !

Jan 9 : New Geocoin : Ireland 2007

Today I'm starting a new series : 'Geocaching around the Planet 2007' with the first country : Ireland. I went geocaching last year in Dublin and I remember the friendliness of the people there.  The sales site has just been opened and all Matt Gun coin were sold out in just one day ! Wow, this is becoming a popular series !

Jan 1, 2007 : Happy New Year !

' China 2006 ' is now shipping. I'm eagerly waiting to see what customers are thinking !

Dec 2, 2006 : The Geocoin 'Spain 2006 ' is ready for pre-sale

I am particularly impressed by the design of this coin. It was designed by Ron from, and it was his idea to use the colored tiles that are Gaudi's trademark. Let me know what you think about this great coin, by sending me a note through the 'contact us' page on the left.

Nov. 24, 2006 : Another country added to my list : Denmark

This week I went to Denmark for a business trip and I went geocaching with a few colleagues who had never done it. The weather was cold and rainy, but I had a great time with my colleagues. The Danish caches were superb, especially Tor's hammer . This is probably the smallest cache I have ever found. Actually, one of my colleagues found it, and showed it to me, but I told him it was too small to be the cache, because the log was nowhere to be seen. Actually, this cache contains the smallest log I have ever seen.

Clever, those Danish geocachers ! That deserves a nice Personal geocoin in my series !

Nov. 19, 2006 : My China coin is almost sold out (' Gun ' and ' Gold ' versions )

I added a text about  the China Coin on various fora in other languages and the reactions are quite positive. Just a few coins left un Gold and Gun version

Nov 14, 2006 : Geocaching the Planet : first coin on pre-sale

That's it ! My first coin has been designed. I posted the design on the Forums (Fora ?) of and got  lots of suggestions and sometimes criticism, but always constructive, so I am thankful to all the participants; there will be 1 10 nickel, 70 Gold and 70 Gun

Looks like all 250 coins will be gone quickly, so this is beyond my expectations !

Oct 26, 2006 :Just returned from China

My trip to China was fabulous : I visited Beijing and the Great Wall, Xi'An and the amazing Terracotta Army, Guilin with the memorable cruise on the river Li to Yanshuo, Hong Kong, and finally Shanghai, the home of the Pearl of the Orient.

I found 9 caches in China, most of them virtual or mystery caches. Physical  caches tend to disappear fast, or make you look very suspicious... So there aren't that many around yet.

My coin design is getting finalized so we should be able to show it soon

Sep 30, 2006 : Planning our trip to China

We're leaving on October 5 for a 3-week tour of China. We'll be in Beijing, Xi'An, Guilin, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and then back home. We'll leave some pictures here.

And, most importantly, our first geocoin will we honoring China.

The coin will be created by Ron, who is the owner and operator of Have  a look at his website, he's got some great coins in his portfolio.

Sep 23, 2006 : Houston, we have LIFT-OFF

This Website was launched on September 22, 2006